Life is a series of moments we remember, and moments we share. Whether it’s a birthday, a sports event, or even a political protest. People want a platform to collectively share their voices through the power mobile video. StitchIt, is a social video platform, where users can come together to collaborate on original micro-video content that collectively tells the story of their shared experiences. With an easy to use interface, combined with personalized themes, music, and filters, StitchIt creates an enjoyable game-like experience tailored uniquely to each individual at any age.

Create A Video

Record a video and personalize it with different themes, filters, text, and music.

Share With Friends

Share your video with whoever you want. Make it public or private.

They Create A Video

Your friends can create their own video with an option to 'StitchIt'

Collab On A Video

StitchIt has edited and combined the videos into one seamless action shot, complete with transitions.